2018 Valentine’s Poem Winner

The Stonking Herald is proud to announce the winner of this year’s Valentine’s Poem Award – it’s a poem by village postman Bob the Stamp entitled ‘The Seven Wonders of My World’. Bob wins a year’s subscription to everyone’s favourite local paper and two jars of sandwich spread.

In ancient times they talked about the wonders of the world :

The seven classic landmarks that true artisans unfurled,

Built mainly by Egyptians, Babylonians and Greeks

With stunning architecture : carved designs and lofty peaks.

But if you went to find them now, your task would be for nowt;

The intervening years have done their best to wipe them out.

The steady march of time has meant that only one remains :

The Pyramid of Giza at its Egypt site sustains.

All the other six are now confined to history;

Like Kanye West’s appeal, they will remain a mystery.

Bad earthquakes did for several, reducing them to dust;

Marauders did for others (as marauders always must).

The Statue in Olympia of mighty warrior Zeus

Was accidentally razed by fire (or that was the excuse).

The Temple built for Artemis in Ephesus, I’m told,

Was plundered by invaders, who destroyed it for its gold.

The Persian Mausoleum and Colossus built in Rhodes :

Two seismic interjections decimated these abodes.

The Alexandrian Lighthouse, it befell a similar fate :

Fair stricken by the wrath of God; a heavenly mandate.

In Babylon they built the Eden Project of the day :

Fantastic hanging gardens where the family could play.

But time has done its usual and reduced them to decay :

So where should we be looking for the wonders of today?

It’s my belief that I have found the quintessential place,

With seven wonders all confined to one impressive space.

But unlike in the ancient times, when monuments were key,

The new world’s seven wonders are all flesh and blood to see :

Of softer hues and warmer depth and all-consuming charm,

The current seven wonders can be found at White Horse Farm

Where lives a modern deity, a goddess here on earth,

The loveliest human being I’ve encountered since my birth.

Her smile is like the sunshine on a searing summer’s day,

Her eyes like pools of gladness in which happy folk might play;

Her arms a source of instant joy when giving an embrace,

And every bounteous wish on earth is written in her face.

The fifth of seven wonders is the beauty of her soul –

Where everything that’s broken can be taken and made whole.

The last two wonders are aligned, and win in any tests :

The best two wonders of the world are her stupendous…….

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