Mexican Waves at the Rancid Polecat

After their successful performance at last year’s Fireworks Night at the Rancid Polecat, landlord Rab Selwyn has managed to secure the ultra-talented (or so he tells us) High Dudgeon Mariachi Polka Band for his November Yesvember festivities at the Rancid Polecat on Wednesday 30th November. With their unique blend of traditional English and Mexican dance music, the band is busily creating a reputation across the land with such iconic offerings as ‘The Girl From Upper Neamer’, ‘Rioja ‘Round The Clock’, ‘Tequila Mockingbird’, ‘Gaucho Marx Shops In Marks’n’Sparks’, ‘Chico To Chico’ and ‘Senor Sister Lately?’.

Rab is thrilled at having been able to make this second booking. “I first saw them at the Burrito Cafe in Hove about ten years ago and was blown away by their version of ‘Can I Take You Up The El Paso Way?’. They played a brilliant set last year which included their latest offering, ‘My Mexican Nose Guard’. So when I was contemplating the idea of having a tapas night at the Polecat, they were the first choice of entertainment that occurred to me. Well, actually that isn’t quite true but the Cojones Cousins are still in prison.

I asked Rab why the band is called the High Dudgeon band – is it because they are in a constant state of aggravation? “No,” said Rab, giving me the sort of look he might normally reserve for shirtless pub customers. “It’s because they all live in High Dudgeon, just north of Deepshit.”

Loretta Martin : I had a date with a Mexican once. He introduced me to La Cucaracha and asked me if I might have a nest for it.

Paul Ramone : Are they the ones who do ‘Una Paloma Spanker’?”

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