Scum at Stonking Village Hall

Perhaps best-known for posting on You Tube a self-penned tribute to Michael Jackson with the catchy title “I Used To be a Rasta But I’m All White Now”,  Scum will be performing at the Village Hall on August Bank Holiday at 8:00; tickets £3.50. Lead singer Scott Walker has promised a few surprises from the band that also features Lummy on bass, Bongo on drums and The Hedge on guitar, but has guaranteed that their set will include such crowd favourites as ’J. Edgar Hoover Sucks’, ’I’m In Love with Vlad the Impaler’, ’Sticking My Head In The Oven For You‘ and ‘P.C. Plod (The Fascist Sod)’.  He has also promised the first ever performance of a new song he describes as “a cross between Lionel Ritchie and the Sex Pistols” and entitled ‘Hello, You Tosser’. Nice…

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