The Mincing Morris Men and Mummers at the Rancid Polecat

August Bank Holiday will see the Mincing Morris Men and Mummers, who purport to be the country’s only gay morris dancing team, take their unique brand of entertainment to the Rancid Polecat public house. Still smarting after their defeat in the last year’s Annual Morris Competition by the Preening Pranksters of Priory they are determined to win the crown at this August’s festival. Out have gone such well-established morris dancing fare as ’Speed The Plough’ and ’Jockey To The Fair’, to be replaced with such less familiar tunes as ’Sir B McKenzie’s Daughter’s Lament for the 77th Mounted Lancers’ Retreat From the Straits of Loch Knombe, in The Year of Our Lord 1727, on the Occasion of the Announcement of Her Marriage To the Laird of Kinleakie’. The latter was a 1970 release by classic folksters Fairport Convention and for many years held the record for the Longest Song Title in the Guinness Book Of Records. Given that the Mincing Morris Men liked nothing better than a Guinness in a fair port, this seems like a natural.

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